We live with our animals on our  200  farm in rural Michigan. In addition to our canine family,
we raise registered red angus cattle.

Being a veterinarian, I wanted to raise healthy, well- cared for puppies to be made available
to those wanting  to add a 4- legged  canine member to their family.

We screen the parents for a variety of common problems known  to occur in that particular
breed.  If the parents pass the tests, then we decide about using them in our breeding
program. They need to  have the right temperament- very friendly, people- oriented, no
anxieties or issues.

We started several years ago with the Boston Terriers, and then  our love of these  little
dogs helped us to expand into their  fore-father, the Frenchie.  . Our goal is not to mass
produce, but to produce mass  quality in our puppies.

Laurie Hammar, DVM
Dr. Hammar  of Rock MI
Owner of Country Vet Pet Clinic
proudly raises French Bulldogs
Raised in  UP of Michigan
We love this breed and I strive, as
a veterinarian,to raise the best  I
can.  We prefer new families to
come and meet the parents  and
extended family of their new little
ones,  but
due to our out of the way  location,
we do set up  puppy meeting
locations both in the lower part of
MI  and WI