Bulldog Puppies of Michigan
updated  5/
Screening tests done on
Frenchie parents prior to
breeding: Depending on the
genetics, we do
back x-rays, hip x-rays,
tracheal  diameter,
haemophilia testing if
indicated, patella checks,
heart checks,  routine
bloodwork, screening for
demodectic mange, thyroid
If you have any questions, please
call me at my clinic 906-474-6673
County Vet Clinic or my home
Laurie Hammar DVM
We include the , 2 sets of  vaccinations, 3
wormings, heartworm prevention, first
Frontline   ( weather indicated),
parents screened well for a variety of
conditions, by individual health, line health
including hips, knees, thyroid, epilepsy '
tracheal size, breathing issues,
personality,demodectic mange and more
( see parents page) Puppies  come with  
LIMITED  AKC papers (limited means
puppies  do not come with breeding
rights, but are AKC registered  both
parents are AKC registered , can be
shown AKC) .
Zeke is part of Laurie A. Hammar DVM P.C.
Our little ones are 1950.00
Our  new  little ones are here. They
21 days old today. Mom is
Pippen and Dad is Elmo. There eyes
are just opening.
To those that have contacted me and spoken either to
Doris or me, we will be calling people this week  I
usually spend the first 3 weeks making sure all is good
with both mom and babies. If you have not called the
clinic and given your info to Doris, please do so to be on
the list for these or future little ones. 906-474-6673
Here is Pippens' little fawn girl. She is
tired from napping. She is a cuddler for
now......   Sold
One of our 2 little fawn
boys, he has a black
tipping to his top line, very
handsome   SOLD
 The second of our  little  
fawn boys, he has a very
cute face as does his
brother  SOLD
Little brindle boy, one
of three, all are
curious,always looking
for  Mom   SOLD
Second of three little brindled
boys all are very dark  in
color  , all 3 love to be held
 3rd little brindle boy
,  petite and very cute
i  in the face. ears are  
starting to go
  Fawn pied little girls, beautiful
and sweet, color patterns are  
very  pretty for both .