Screening tests done on
Frenchie parents prior to
breeding: Depending on the
genetics, we do
back x-rays, hip x-rays,
tracheal  diameter,
haemophilia testing if
indicated, patella checks,
heart checks,  routine
bloodwork, screening for
demodectic mange, thyroid
If you have any questions, please
call me at my clinic 906-474-6673
County Vet Clinic or my home
Laurie Hammar DVM
We include the , 2 sets of  vaccinations, 3
wormings, heartworm prevention, first
Frontline   ( weather indicated),
parents screened well for a variety of
conditions, by individual health, line health
including hips, knees, thyroid, epilepsy '
tracheal size, breathing issues,
personality,demodectic mange and more
( see parents page) Puppies  come with  
LIMITED  AKC papers (limited means
puppies  do not come with breeding
rights, but are AKC registered  both
parents are AKC registered , can be
shown AKC) .
Zeke is part of Laurie A. Hammar DVM P.C.
For info on our
wonderful Frenchies,
Send us an e-mail
through the contact
page or call Dr.
clinic Country Vet
during the week:
Evenings/ weekends
NEWS: Genetic testing : Male/Mating
testing:  Please see Genetic testing page
for list of the  genetic diseases tested for

Ezra:  Double Negative for the 6   
available VET GEN genetic tests for
French Bulldog health issues ( which
means his offspring can not develop
these diseases. See list  on genetics page

Elmo :  Double Neg for 5 of the 6 VET
Gen genetic tests
Our little ones are
2500.00 Limited AKC
See genetics testing page
for our healthy parents
Dr. Hammar  of Rock MI
Owner of Country Vet Pet Clinic
proudly raises French Bulldogs
Raised in  UP of Michigan
We love this breed and I strive, as
a veterinarian,to raise the best  I
can.  We prefer new families to
come and meet the parents  and
extended family of their new little
ones,  but
due to our out of the way  location,
we do set up  puppy meeting
locations both in the lower part of
MI  and WI
AKC Michigan French bulldog puppies
WI Frenchi Bulldog puppies, Michgian French Bulldog breeders,
AKC French Bulldogs MI
Veterinarian raised French Bulldogs
Blue Michigan French bulldogs
Updated 2/4/2019
Here are Ledavie and  Ezra's babies.
They are just  over 5 weeks old and
learning to wrestle
This handsome little boy will be stout
sturdy and very enjoyable. He will want
to hang out with You and be a part of
your family. He is available at this time.
2500.00  His nick name is " Magnus"
My new name is Otis and  
will be living with my new
family in WI.
Congratulations  to my
new family. See you soon.

This little petitie girl will be one You will
not want to put down. Cute, cuddly,
petitie and sweet. .Her nickname is  
'Ginger" She is available at this  time.