French Bulldog Adults
Relations  of puppies,
Deni and daughter
'Egoza'- likes to wear
her coats.
Her daughter is 'CuddleBug'
the fawn pied.
She is my constant companion.
Egoza stretching for a treat
Sir Deni D...
Here sits  Peda Loise
She is very althletic , loves to play
and snuggle on the couch.
She is now 12 yrs old
Annabelle: Deni and
Peda's daughter. She is a
muscular,   brindled, beautiful
female- a very motherly girl
Deceased- she is the
grandmother to Pixadilly
Introducing " Zeke"
Very Handsome, very bully
Very playful. .
Beuhlah-  a beautiful brindle pied
very nicely built, very good mom
She is Zeke's 1/2 sister ( same dad)
He is the son of Zeke
and Tahlulah
He will be heading to the show
Scroll down to
see our girls
This clownish little girl is Desdamona
very happy, very bouncy and a great
Calypso, or Cali-man
as he is known around
the office.  He has a
very handsome  build
and is very mild
Abzabella is  our very pretty,
deep brindle daughter
of Zeke and Annabelle.
She is Pixadilly's Mom
Sophia pictured below
with her 2 babies
Pixadilly, enjoying the  sun
ELMO, or Elminski is our
newest addition to our
Frenchie family.
He is a deep brindle,
comical, cute and not
camera shy.