Our Goal and Mission:
To raise healthy, happy puppies to make great
companions and friends for families of all ages.
We strive for playful personalities, good
conformation , and breeding true to
characteristics of this breed.
Our dogs are free to roam on our 120 acres. They
jog the trails and play in the fields.
They come first as companions  and second  as
the parents of our future generations. Happy dogs
make happy puppies.
Raised in our home
Veterinarian on staff
Parent dogs screened for good
  1. updated 12/15/2017
Hammar  ( Country Vet) French
Raised in Gladstone, Michigan
We love this breed and I strive,
as a veterinarian,to raise the
best  I can.
Here  is the clan taking hike in this frigid
winter weather. It doesn't seem to phase
them that it is about 5 degrees outside.  
Zeke doesn't like to keep his coat on- just
like some kids I know.
Zeke ( loves to
pull off his coat)
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